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Paffett joins Williams to work in simulator

2016 F1 season

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Williams has hired long-time McLaren tester Gary Paffett to be its new simulator driver.

Paffett, who races for Mercedes in the DTM, will work with the team’s vehicle science department to develop the new FW38 chassis.

The 2005 DTM champion has covered over 22,000 kilometres as a Formula One test driver.

Deputy team principal Claire Williams described Paffett as “a highly professional racing driver”. “His level of testing knowledge, and ability to analyse data, will significantly help to drive forward development of the FW38 throughout the season,” she added.

2016 F1 season

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  • 11 comments on “Paffett joins Williams to work in simulator”

    1. I’d love to drive an F1 simulator for a living.

    2. I guess Paffett got tired of driving GP2 simulators.

      1. I guess Paffett got tired of driving GP2 simulators.

        Bahaha. That comment just made my day. Thank you, sir :)

    3. Does he get to drive the actual car at some point? How do you calibrate what the simulator is like to drive if you never drive the real one?

      1. And why employ someone to do it when you’ve got two racing car drivers on the payroll, plus a reserve driver as well?

        1. Because you can have him in the simulator while the race and reserve drivers are at the track

          1. Thanks, I guess that does make sense.

    4. As the McLaren simulator is so good it clearly broke down every 2 laps just like the real cars. He will get a lot more simulator time at Williams

    5. Of course Paffett left McLaren some time ago. I think his experience will be valuable to counter-weight Lynn’s young age, while Massa and Bottas have enough to do in the car. Happy to see him back!

      1. @fixy Yep, and apparently Stanaway, who was doing a lot of sim work last year, is probably heading to Lotus/Renault

    6. I would say its related to him being a Mercedes driver and, well, it would be uncofortable for a works Mercedes DTM driver to be driving for a Mclaren Honda team. Williams Mercedes makes more sense.

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