Mercedes W07 and W06 comparison

Compare Mercedes’ new W07 with their 2015 car

2016 F1 season

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The first pictures of Mercedes’ W07 have been revealed by the team.

See what changes the team has made for its 2016 design with this interactive image.

2016 Mercedes W07 and 2015 Mercedes W06: Side view

2016 Mercedes W07 and 2015 Mercedes W06: Three-quarter view

Mercedes W07
Mercedes W07
Mercedes W06
Mercedes W06

2016 Mercedes W07 and 2015 Mercedes W06: Front view

Mercedes W07
Mercedes W07
Mercedes W06
Mercedes W06

2016 F1 season

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13 comments on “Compare Mercedes’ new W07 with their 2015 car”

  1. Seems Merc have gone conservative with the W07 with just the larger air intake and smaller side-pods of note as well as a darker livery. But I guess why change a winning formula?

  2. Thanks Keith, Love the sliders. Keep them coming.

  3. On a purely non-technical, livery basis, it’s a shame that the bulkhead uses black along the underside. The old one looked a lot more low-slung in profile due the only using lighter colours on that section. Otherwise I like the update.

    The airbox being angled forwards looks pretty cool too.

  4. I think one of the biggest changes is the huge airbox and its shape, totally different for this year.
    This year Ferrari’s airbox looks like W06.

  5. TALKING ABOUT SIZE ZERO!!! This is below zero, man… Nose section a bit higher, hence better air flow under yaw. Tighter side pods, compacter rear bodywork. Bigger air intake suggesting PU power increase. Scuderia Ferrari spursed them very strongly indeed.

  6. What’s up with the sides of the airbox? Camera spots? Intake is the only big difference I see. I wonder how that will affect rear tire performance

  7. Love the sliders! This will be even more dramatic next year with the halos… lets hope we can enjoy this last year without them.

  8. Fudge Ahmed (@)
    21st February 2016, 15:42

    Less of a silver arrow more of a teal, black and some silver arrow. Not necessarily a bad thing. I wish they had gone with the rumoured chrome finish that was floating about last year but I guess that would be very difficult to show sponsors properly.

  9. the comparison isn’t accurate as both the images have different perspective views.

    1. Bad words will not be uttered regarding the sliders.

      It’s not Keith’s fault the images are taken at a different angle!

  10. Question to the more knowledgeable folks. Besides the car looking impressive and no doubt a more powerful engine powering the masterpiece that is the W07, it has been reported that Manor and Williams and Force India (??) will be getting the same hardware. But nowhere was it mentioned anywhere they will be using the same Petronas fuel OR will they be using the same software. So it seems that the software and fuel types are not being policed by the FIA demanding that the same exact specs be provided to the customer teams correct? So then Williams would never have a chance of beating Mercedes because they are not using Petronas or the same software versions right? Seems like a loophole that is being purposely allowed to be present so the customer teams cannot beat the factory teams. Renault and Red Bull will be the same situation I would assume then. Either way I look forward to this new season.

    1. That’s a very good observation. Mercedes HPP work with Petronas to optimise the combined performance of engine, fuel and lubricant. I believe they even use the expertise of Brackley’s aero team to make sure they completely understand the flow and mixing of the fuel and air. Other teams can use the same fuel, but some have chosen not to do so because they (or their drivers) have sponsorship income from other oil companies. McLaren ‘suffered’ from Exxon sponsorship and Maldonado had PDVSA sponsorship. I believe Williams switched to Petronas when they switched to Mercedes. I am not sure about Force India, but can’t think why they would use anything else.

  11. I find it interesting how Mercedes made their intakes larger while Williams made theirs much smaller.

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