‘We can do the Aston Martin name proud from the start’ – Szafnauer

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In the round-up: Following Racing Point’s rebranding as the official Aston Martin Formula 1 team, CEO Otmar Szafnauer says they will do justice to the luxury car brand’s name.

What they say

Aston Martin also revealed the logo for its F1 team yesterday.

We’ve had almost a year of preparation to reach this point and we’re really looking forward to seeing the reaction when we finally unveil our new identity as the Aston Martin Formula 1 Team.

Representing such an iconic brand is a huge privilege for every member of the team. We’ve earned a well-deserved reputation for punching above our weight, so we’re confident we can do the Aston Martin name proud right from the get-go.

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Social media

Notable posts from Twitter, Instagram and more:

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Comment of the day

Dave is concerned the season-opening race may not be able to go ahead as scheduled:

I’m sceptical about Australia actually happening. Assuming it needs crowds to go ahead or funding is impossible, beach parties on Christmas day in Oz were cracked down on heavily. I hope their numbers get under control by March to allow it but if the UK is anything to go by, Christmas and New Year numbers won’t be known for a couple of weeks and folks, they’re going to be big!

I’m already being called in off leave because track and trace has decimated two out of four watches. Welcome to 2020 the sequel.
Dave (@davewillisporter)

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Regis and T3X!

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On this day in F1

  • Born on this day in 1957: Beppe Gabbiani, who entered 17 F1 races and failed to qualify for all but three of them.

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  • 30 comments on “‘We can do the Aston Martin name proud from the start’ – Szafnauer”

    1. Regarding COTD, likewise I have massive doubts on Melbourne happening. I’d be tempted to say that the delayed Australian Open Tennis will be the trial event, but realistically even that will likely be too late to make a call, as the track build will need to commence soon. I don’t think that the state of Victoria can afford any further expense after the loss of money last year. There isn’t any wiggle room for a last minute cancellation, and I can’t see that race being viable without a crowd.

      1. The thing that may save it is it being an outdoor event.
        With Covid transmission being much lower in outdoor spaces, and the Grand Prix being held in a wide open park, they may accept that distancing can be achieved and the event can go ahead.

        The real test I guess will be the public transport system, and keeping people safe as spectators come and go.

      2. Exactly. Call it early so the championship can replace the slot with a decent race somewhere else.

      3. @eurobrun The track build-up will commence around the 12th or 13th, so yes, relatively soon, although some delay for this might be possible and still get everything ready in time, albeit at max a few days. Crowd indeed is a must as the track is temporary, but it’d have to be locals only as no one would travel to the country should the 14-day quarantine requirement still be in place in March.
        @scottie @tommy-c

      4. The major block to the event is not crowds. It’s the fact that all international travellers must quarantine for 14 days.

        I can’t see F1 being able to do that at their own expense – nor can I see them not recording positive cases whilst in quarantine given our current experience with the extremely limited numbers of ex pats arriving.

    2. If I believed in such things, one of my NY resolutions might have been to be less cynical. How is a covering the Mercedes badge with an Aston Martin sticker …

    3. Sebastian Vettel on the podium in first race! Im calling it…

      But yes if the Australian GP is called of early then F1 can replace it with maybe Sepang… That would be a great race to star the season

      1. I think Ricciardo has a better shot in the Merc powered McLaren for the last podium spot. It would be nice to see him break his home curse. I’m expecting Hamilton and Bottas on the top two steps as usual since not enough has changed to make me think their dominance will be affected.

      2. China might want to organise the opening race.
        They are good at starting these global events.

        1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
          2nd January 2021, 16:55

          @coldfly if you want to go into the weeds on that one, the US conducted not one but two exercises in late 2019 on the effects of a covid related outbreak and a flu related outbreak. The actual study reports are available online. The US does a lot of biological experimentation in China due to the more lax restrictions. One of those places is in Wuhan.

      3. Calling it aswell. Vettel has a point to prove after last years.

        If there is something in his tank left, he will deliver it this season.

    4. Mazepin and Verstappen bad – Hamilton good

      Ok, got it

      1. No, no no.

        Hamilton good, Verstappen bad, Mazepin ugly.

      2. Mazepin and Verstappen should be sacked from their teams.

          1. Didn’t apologize enough.

            1. Forgot one more detail: Portugal incident, said slurs, said a statement, but not a proper apology.

          2. He had Hamilton by the balls

    5. We’ve earned a well-deserved reputation for punching above our weight

      Of course after the introduction of the budget cap there won’t be any weight classes.
      Maybe a few teams will carry over some excess muscle weight, but other than that a level playing field.

      1. Coventry Climax
        2nd January 2021, 19:29

        Dream on. Ineos is doing research outside of Mercs budget. Then sells their findings cheap.
        TW is as smooth as an eel in a bucket of snot. (Dutch saying.)
        One can only hope more teams do the same, otherwise we’ll have another seven years of boring Merc dominance.

    6. Jack & Jones has always gone along with Magnussen, in the same way that Estrella (until this forthcoming season it seems) has supported Sainz. They were always going to leave Haas when left. Much easier for Jack & Jones to take a position on Mazepin in that context

    7. Thanks for the background @badger74. Kinda sad that I had to scroll down to the comments to find some though…

    8. So Verstappen is basically saying that social media is just a part of his job (and a part which he doesn’t care for much).

      Good on him, let racers do the talking on the track.

      1. But saying F you to his followers is going to upset any sponsors he has, what a dumb thing to say…

        1. Ok Matthew, tell me, are you a native Dutch speaker? In which line is he using the F-word? Basicly he says; live and let live.

          I have seen the dutch documantary on him and his family. They are racers and they have had only one goal for Max, that is to become an F1 driver. The social media hype around these people is only extra weight they have to carry because they are in this position.

          And of you look from a marketing perspective, bad publicity is still more valuable then no attention at all.

          1. In which line is he using the F-word? Basicly he says; live and let live.

            Of course for living to continúe you have to.

          2. Max gets publicity because he is an allmighty driver.

            Impolite, spoiled brat, you name it, not an obstacle for fans of fasr driving.

            Look at Lewis, he wants us all to go Vegan and we still like his speed.

    9. If Mazepin gets fired from his team, I think he’ll continue doing trash things until Twitter suspends him.

    10. Dave (@davewillisporter)
      2nd January 2021, 17:02

      Personally don’t blame Max for expressing those views. Not a fan of social media myself. Some love it, some hate it, some are addicted to likes which is incredibly damaging. I don’t believe he’s equating his fans with a social media account. He loves the orange army. He just prefers it in the real world. Nothing wrong with that take.

    11. Re: CotD – OzGP
      +1 from another Oz revhead.

      I deem you as a front line worker dealing with those disrespectful people, many of whom are outright liars.
      IMHO, take them to court to receive a criminal record. If they are not genuine Aussies, DEPORT them. If they are, have them do humiliating community work.
      Stay safe, mate.

    Comments are closed.