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Two-times Macau Grand Prix winner Dan Ticktum will rejoin his former team Carlin for a second full season in Formula 2 this year.

After making his F2 debut with two races for HWA in 2018, Ticktum won for DAMS at Silverstone last year. He also finished first on the road at Monza, before being disqualified as his car ran too low on fuel to give a sample. He ended the year 11th in the championship.

Ticktum is rejoining Carlin, who he previously raced for in Formula 3, and drove for in last year’s post-season test in Bahrain.

“We had three productive test days in Bahrain and I already feel part of the team,” said Ticktum. “We have worked really well together and already know what our goals are for pre-season testing.

“Carlin proved they had a race winning car towards the end of last season and I really want to capitalise on that and mount a strong championship challenge from the start. I can’t wait to get the season underway.”

Tteam owner Trevor Carlin said “we’ve known Dan a long time and worked with him briefly in Macau a couple of years ago as well as in the post-season F2 tests in December.

“He’s very quick and a great racer and we are excited to see his true potential with us this year. We’ll be working with him to really develop everything he’s learnt so far with the aim to mount a very consistent and measured championship attack.”

Ticktum’s team mate at Carlin will be Jehan Daruvala. Testing for the new Formula 2 season will begin in Bahrain on March 8th.

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2021 Formula 2 driver line-up so far

ART1Theo Pourchaire
Campos1Ralph Boschung
Carlin1Jehan Daruvala
Carlin2Dan Ticktum
DAMS1Marcus Armstrong
Hitech1Liam Lawson
Hitech2Juri Vips
HWA1Matteo Nannini
HWA2Alessio Deledda
MP1Lirim Zendeli
Prema1Robert Shwartzman
Prema2Oscar Piastri
Virtuosi1Felipe Drugovich

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  • 16 comments on “Ticktum moves to Carlin for second season in F2”

    1. The Red Bull-backed drivers are the ones I’m paying attention to the most.

    2. didn’t realise there was still that many TBA seats in F2 this year, is it normal for there to still be 9 unconfirmed seats at the end of January?

      1. Can’t really answer your questions specifically, but as an example almost all seats in DTM this year are also still TBA

    3. Remember that time he overtook 10 cars behind a safety car to deliberately ram an opponent? People don’t forget.

      1. Except for Red Bull, Williams and the feeder formula race teams willing to give him a drive.

        I can only assume he has a fat wallet. Gets you through a lot of difficult situations. Viz. Nikita Mazepin.

    4. Don’t think Dan the man will ever make it to F1, but would love to see him in Formula E bashing wheels and hearing more of his radio messages. Pure gold, I tell you. The kid has a temper only Joseph Stalin would love!

    5. Dear Most Hated Driver, good luck redeeming yourself on your own.

      1. Cornelius Rowbarton
        28th January 2021, 6:13

        I think he has competition for that title….

        1. I think he’s fallen…

    6. That’s a shame.

    7. Trevor Carlin’s press release sounds, a bit bored of his own sentence to be honest, I imagine him staring at his own fist wondering whether it’ll hit him.

    8. I struggle to see why they chose him actually, personality aside. He seemed lost with his tyres most season, I guess there’s either unseen performance, or money.

      1. The only answer to that is because – 5 years on from that Collard incident, his reputation will never be redeemed.

    9. Dan “The Complainer” Ticktum. Always entertaining radio rants, if nothing else. A nice bit of schadenfreude for us every time he makes himself look ridiculous.

    10. “Measured and consistent” are not words I would associate with Ticktum. Good luck Carlin…

      1. His reputation will NEVER be redeemed after what he did to Ricky Collard. He should 100% quit motorsport because of his atrocities.

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