Race start, Spa-Francorchamps, 2022

F1 Calendar by RaceFans

All the race dates for the 2023 F1 calendar have been added to the RaceFans Formula 1 Calendar. Add it to your mobile device to see all the grands prix at a glance.

Use the following link to add the dates and times to your device. See below for other formats:

Keep up-to-date with future F1 races, test sessions and other events using the RaceFans F1 Calendar for Google Calendars.

You can also add the calendar to your own website (click the Google button on the calendar for more) and you can use it in Microsoft Outlook as well.

Get the RaceFans F1 Calendar in your preferred format:

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321 comments on “F1 Calendar by RaceFans”

  1. Thanks, just what I have been looking for.

    1. Tip to add it to your personal Google Calendar:

      – In “Add a friend’s calendar” (other calendars) insert the e-mail: hendnaic1pa2r3oj8b87m08afg@group.calendar.google.com

      Thank you F1 Fantastic Blog!

      1. I’ve been trying to find a calendar I can just add for the last two seasons – just stumbled across this one and it’s perfect! So much detail included and just, well, perfect!

        Thank you for your time and effort :) much appreciated!

      2. @Ricardo – BR: or, alternatively, you do it the easy way and click the “+ Google Agenda” button in the lower right corner of the above calendar, which takes you to Google Calendar and simply asks you for confirmation to add it to your calendar list ;)

        1. Hi. I can’t add the calendar with the e-mail adress or with the “+Google Agenda” Button. Tried both, but does add nothing…

          1. Try clicking the +Google calendar button at the bottom left of the calendar at the top of this page, just below the pic.

          2. Try signing into your Google account of the same browser you viewing the F1 Fanatic Calendar page

        2. You are a star. Thanks for your help, it took nearly 7 seconds to set up. Good luck and may all the races be great competitions.

          1. Does this work on iPhones ?

    2. Yet another Steve
      31st December 2017, 22:16

      Would it be possible to add the words “Formula One” in front of “Testing” days? I was scanning through my Google Calendar and thought that was a test calendar entry I made long ago and deleted it, only to wonder where all of the F1 race dates went. It may help others as well. Thanks in advance.

    3. Perfect, what I have been needing for the past 15 years watching F1!

    4. The official FIA calendar has the wrong times for GMT what a joke!

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      1. It doesn’t update automatically as well, I guess.

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    5. when you wrote this I wasn’t even born🤯

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  2. That is very cool. Thank you!

  3. wow, nice one! fits perfectly on my site, corrected with swedish time and week starting with mondays. thanks for this gem!

  4. This really is just plain fantastic. A perfect use of this Google Calendar feature. This really is the best F1 site. Thanks again!

  5. Glad you like it guys :-)

    1. It’s excellent to know early precisely when tests and launches are going to be. Fantastic!

    2. Stewart McMickan
      25th January 2014, 20:08

      Will you be updating test times for test days or will they be just left as allay events?

      1. @keithcollantine is there a way to get the calendar to upload onto my iPhone calendar please? I managed to do it from the site last year but can’t remember how I did it?

        1. Use the iCal version. It worked for me!

    3. I don’t like it… I love it!

  6. no race of champions? (maybe not 100% f1 though, but i see goodwood in there) anyway, thanks again for the cal!

  7. Daniel – added.

  8. Wow, I just signed up for Google Calendar and added your’s to mine first thing.
    However, isn’t it odd that your F1 Calendar does not include the, ahem, F1 Calendar (of races) on it. Can this be added? Or am I doing something wrong?

  9. Dave – I’d hesitated on adding them because of the uncertainty over the French and Canadian rounds. I’ll get them added in soon.

    1. Dave – They’re all on there now.

  10. Whoo hoo! Life doesn’t get any better than this!
    Thanks! You’ve got a great site here….

    1. You’re welcome! Glad you like it.

      1. iCal! Genius… That’s Proper Bo

  11. Keith, i think the tests in Catalunya have been changed to Jerez and will run from the 9th to the 15th. At least Renault have done this, according to Spanish news!

    Hope it helps!

    P.S. BRILL SITE!!!!!

  12. Hi Keith,

    I really appreciate the effort you have put into thi calendar, but there is something technical that has always bugged me about it…

    You mark the full race weekends as full day events in the calendar… I know it’s going to be a lot of effort, but, I think it would be really great to have separate calendar entries for each session as per the start time and end time of the session. This way, you will also be able to add your live blog details to each session, and this would in turn make your calendar really PRICELESS…

    have some more thoughts on the same, but I guess I need to research myself a bit before recommending any of them…


    1. I think it would be really great to have separate calendar entries for each session as per the start time and end time of the session.

      Will do that with the 2010 races, coming soon…

  13. Time to update this Keith please!?

  14. Like this a lot and will probably add the calendar to my website. I’ve been looking everywhere for the dates of the testing sessions – where do you get them?

  15. Does anyone know if you can echo a Google Calander onto an iPhone?

  16. That’s a great idea there Keith. Brilliant stuff.

  17. Have the dates/times of the actual races and practise sessions etc. been removed?

      1. These haven’t been added yet for 2018 because they haven’t been announced yet.

  18. Great work – I didn’t even know you can implement google calendar on website.

  19. Thanks Keith – this is excellent!

    I use google calendar for everything so this fits into my life perfectly!

  20. It’s great, thanks Keith !

  21. This is perfect, thank you!

  22. Great work Keith!
    Anyone knows if it is possible to watch the F1 Testing @ Barcelona? I want to go there (it’s cheap by plane from Rome), but I want to be sure I can watch F1!

  23. Excellent work! Cheers!

  24. TJ

    I assume you’re wanting to the F1 calendar to show on your iphone calendar app? If so, instructions here:


    and here:

    (Assumes you have a google account)

  25. To add this calendar to iCal (and thus through sync, to iPhone) if on a mac, you’ll need to add it to your (own) Google calendar, on your (own) Google account. (In other words, if you have a google email, then you have a Google account.)
    Once added to your own personal account, you can export it to iCal through the little “down arrow” button, next to the “other calendars” icon, on the left hand side of the Google page. Click on calendar settings tab, and then the green ICAL tab. Click on the pop-up link, F1Fanatic .ics file will download and add itself automatically to iCal.
    Hope this helps, and hope you all understand, as it took me a while to work out how to add the F1F calendar to (my) Google account. Adding to iCal was easy once I’d figured out how to add it to my Google account.

    1. Just download the file and open it in iCal or similar program.

  26. any idea how to export this to an Outlook useable format?

  27. It’s fantastic. Thank you, Keith!

  28. Great, added it to my calendar. You forgot about Toro Rosso launch on February 1 (http://www.itv-f1.com/news_article.aspx?id=47631)

  29. Thank you very much for this – it’s a great resource and saves me a lot of effort and time.

  30. Hi, isn’t Williams also unveiling their car on 1st Feb? I know it’s not a proper launch but Mercedes is up there so I thought Williams should be. Great calender, tis very useful.

  31. I think you have missed out on Force India’s launch date…. it was supposed to be on Feb 10th. I don’t see it on the calendar….

  32. This is great – but as someone who uses Google Apps with my own domain I needed the XML link, which I got from a fellow user who uses a standard Google account – if you wish to “Add by URL” then use :


    Perhaps that link could also be put in the main section as the standard “+Google Calendar” doesn’t seem to work for Google Apps users. Cheers !

    1. Thanks @Matt, I was fighting the same problem!

    2. +1 same problem – fixed now, thanks :)

  33. brilliant resource! thankyou. love the blog!

  34. Cha-Ching!! Just what I needed- and works on the iPhone too!! Brilliant!!!

  35. That is truly awesome. From down here in New Zealand it has adjusted to the right time which means I still get no sleep but at least I can plan for it!

    1. Ah, excellent I’m glad the times are converting correctly!

  36. Woo, iCal on my Mac and iPhone will now get used slightly more then it did before because of the new calendars, Loverly.

  37. Will the iCal version auto-update itself or will I have to download it again every time there is an update? Thanks :)

    1. I’m not sure I’m afraid – I don’t use iCal for anything myself and I’m not familiar with the standard.

      Usually when a new item has been added to the calendar I mention it in an article on the site, so the next time that happens check your calendar and see if it’s been updated automatically.

  38. What a great feature! Thank you Keith! :D

  39. Good work Keith, but I was wondering if there is a possibility to modifiy the times to different time zones (yours are in GMT, while many readers are in CET)? Thanks!

    1. When you add it to your Google calendar it should adjust to your time zone automatically.

  40. Hey,

    Is there any way to import this into Windows Live Calendar? Apparently it only import *.ics files…



    1. Ignore me, I just figured it out, haha :)

  41. Keith,
    There is a site where you can publish calendars in all formats. Might be useful as a link, and also for maximum coverage – I think it is a US site, and at the moment there is no F1 stuff included in the calendars already posted. Have a look : http://icalshare.com/ – it works for all formats (though I’d guess you’d need to publish the calendar yourself in all the formats, rather than the site format them for you in windows/mac/other formats.

  42. jose arellano
    9th March 2010, 17:34

    does this can be seen on my time zone ??

  43. this is a great sync to my phone just as easy many thanks

  44. Thanks, I added the events to my Google Calendar. Great Stuff!

  45. Hi Keith… great work as per normal! Can I be cheeky and ask when you get a spare 10 mins could you add the provisional 2011 calendar? Not that important but would be really useful.

    Really appreciate your hard work, keep it up!

  46. Nice, no more typing the skeds on my phone :)

  47. For those wanting to get a synched version into iCal, I think the following method works:

    1.Right click on the ICAL link underneath the calendar (at the top of this page) and select Copy Link
    2. Open iCal
    3. From the Calendar menu select Subscribe
    4. Paste the URL you just copied into the Calendar URL box and click Subscribe
    5. Set any options you want for the calendar and click OK

    All should now be working. I’ve not seen an update to the calendar yet so not 100% sure this works, but this is what I did with last years and that seemed to work OK.

    1. Stewart McMickan
      25th January 2014, 19:59

      IT works THX.